Dear distinguish guest and all participants on  ICEO&SI 2011
The first international conference on earth observations and societal impacts was accompanied. This is a first step to setup the platform to share your contribution, idea and others to each other who are interested in the mission of Global Earth Observation System, (GEOS) including the disasters, weather, health, water, climate, ecosystem, agriculture, energy, weather and biodiversity. There are 4 sessions attract about 160 participants to join this conference. To dates, the ICEO&SI 2011 is going smoothly. In here, I would like to give my appreciation to all of keynote speakers, conveners and especially yours participants who let this conference successful. Anyway, the success in completion of the ICEO&SI 2011 conference is the result of the cooperation, confidence, and endurance of many people. Except for thanking to TGEO president Dr. Y.A. Liou, J. K. Liu, SOC members and session foreign keynote/conveners Dr. Y.Kim, Prof. A. Siripong, Dr. Suzuki, Dr. C. Kim, Dr. Apollonov, Prof. Uyeda, Dr. Hilde, Dr. Y. Kuleshov, Dr. K.S. Lee and so on, now, I also express my appreciation to Dr. Andrew LO, Dr. K.T. Lee, Dr. C.R Ho and Dr. M.K. Hsu for their assistance and to other local committees and conveners whose names may have not been mentioned here.

The preparation of this event has lasted for about 8 months since Taiwan group on earth observations (TGEO) was established on August 2010. There are still some missings or shortcomings in this process of this meeting. Please do not mind about this issue, as we setup this platform for sharing your experience, acknowledgement, and ideas related to the GEOS mission. After this meeting, I hope all presenters can contribute your findings to the special issue on SCI journal JMST or IEEE JSTARS.

In closing, I would like to say thanks again to NTOU and working group such as Dr. Y. Chang, K.W. Lan, Miss B. Y. Hu for their contribution on conference affairs, and the financial support from the National Science Council, FA, NARL, NSB,….

Finally, I would like to give my warm appreciation again for your attendance and let this conference going smoothly.


General Chairman
Dr. Ming-An Lee


Dear Colleagues:

The International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts (ICEO&SI) 2011 has been held very successfully at National Taiwan Ocean University (NTOU) located in the beautiful harbor city Keelung. In total, 160 participants from 10 countries took part in the exciting event.

On behalf of Taiwan Group on Earth Observations (TGEO), I would like to express my sincere appreciations to Prof. M.-A. Lee and his team members for providing excellent domestic supports of all kinds, all committee members and speakers for preparing extremely informative and high-quality presentations, all participants for making the conference fruitful and meaningful, and all sponsors for gathering the participants together.

ICEO&SI will be jointly held by National Taiwan University in 2012. I will be looking forward to receiving your contribution for ICEO&SI and to meeting all of you for an exciting ICEO&SI in Taipei next year.

Best wishes,

Dr. Yuei-An Liou 劉說安
President of TGEO (
General Chairman of ICEO
&SI (

Tentative Main Subjects

  • Disasters
  • Health
  • Energy
  • Climate
  • Water
  • Weather
  • Ecosystems
  • Agriculture
  • Biodiversity 

Honorary Chairmen 

  • Chao-Han Liu (Vice President of Academia Sinica)
  • Kuo-Tien Lee (President, National Taiwan Ocean University) 


  • Yuei-An Liou (President of Taiwan Group on Earth Observations)
  • Ming-An Lee (Vice President of Taiwan Group on Earth Observations) 

JMST Special Issue  

The Journal of Marine Science and Technology (JMST) is planning a special issue based on papers presented ICEO&SI 2011. The deadline is 30 November 2011 (extended the submission deadline to 15 December 2011 ). Below are submission instructions.

When preparing your paper please follow and strictly adhere to the JMST instructions for authors found on the JMST website Please also have your paper reviewed and edited for English prior to submission as we do not have the resources to provide language editorial services.

We will consider and review papers according to the thematic sessions at ICEO&SI 2011.

    Guest editors:

  • Dr. Ming-An Lee (Vice President of Taiwan Group on Earth Observations)
  • Dr. Yuriy Kuleshov (Team Leader, National Climate Centre, Bureau of Meteorology)

IEEE JSTARS Special Issue based on presentations at the ICEO&SI 2011.

The “IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing” (JSTARS) is a quarterly publication sponsored by the IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society (GRSS) and co-sponsored by the IEEE Committee on Earth Observations (ICEO) (

At the time of submission, please indicate your paper is a presentation at the ICEO&SI 2011 and your preferred editor and reviewer is Prof. Yuei-An Liou.

Dr. Yuei-An Liou, President of Taiwan Group on Earth Observations